Success Story: CHOC Children’s Hospital

CHOC Location Hierarchy Project

Client Challenge: CHOC Children’s Hospital is a teaching pediatric facility that has been a long-standing Cerner® footprint. Over 10 years, HPG has assisted CHOC in numerous engagements, optimizations and implementations. Julie Eastman, CHOC’s Executive IT Director, requested the assistance of HPG to complete a recommended build change to enable more efficiency for providers and revenue cycle business owners. This change to the CORE locations has integration impacts with every department as well as with interfacing to other clinical applications. 

HPG Solution: HPG enlisted the help of Support Center and Application Services team members to support this implementation and work effort. The Location Hierarchy project was led by John Knuckles as Support Center Manager and was jointly managed with the CHOC Project Manager, who controlled and communicated to a large team of HPG experts.  

Project Timeline: 6 months

HPG Supporting Services: Support Center, Application Services

Results: It was a very successful implementation, with minimal issues that were quickly resolved. The project was on time and under budget. The teamwork involved with this project was stellar and noted by the CHOC leadership upon concluding the engagement. 

  • HPG handled resourcing needs with the use of an SCM. They worked alongside the Project Manager to determine resourcing needs to allow for “Just in Time” availability. This resulted in proper scheduling at a reduced cost to the customer. 
  • HPG expert resourcing identified the work steps and provided accurate estimates to resolve the work effort. Proactive thinking based on years of experience allowed the client to complete the project under budget.
  • HPG resourcing provided integration and downstream outcomes well in advance of the go-live. This enabled the client to reduce issues within Cerner but also to systems that are interfaced to the Cerner system.

Client testimonial

“I am pleased with the successful completion of the Cerner Location Hierarchy Project. The objectives included Enhancements for Revenue Cycle and Clinical Applications, Flexibility for Clinical Orders and Patient Encounters, Enhanced Financial Reporting and Rules. The Project Team was able to meet these objectives with nominal end user impact and very few post go-live issues. I would like to thank the team members for their hard work and dedication to this project.”

Conclusion: HPG has the ability to work with customers in all areas of a project. When needed, we can work alongside the pieces in place from the customer team and fill any gaps in resourcing and leadership to ensure a successful project.