Application Optimization

In your pursuit of sustained, strong performance, HPG’s expertise goes far beyond EHR implementation. We marry the technology and workflow to meet the needs of all stakeholders resulting in maximized technology adoption and greater user satisfaction. 

From the simplest optimization projects to the most complex, we improve usability and break down silos for cross-functional gains. With HPG as your partner for Cerner® application optimization, you can apply concentrated expertise to areas where you have the greatest opportunities for improvements.

Specialized Expertise

With multidisciplinary clinical backgrounds and proficiency across all Cerner solution areas, we understand the terminology and workflow of the lab and all clinical service lines. We bridge the clinical-IT divide, skillfully adapting application builds to fit clinician workflow, not the other way around.

Collaboration & Customization

Through data-driven planning and results-driven execution, we deliver the expertise you need for a fully optimized EHR across all Cerner applications. Meet the needs of your users to improve efficiency, financial health and patient safety, while ultimately driving better health outcomes.