Application Support

To support your health system’s goals, your IT team needs time, space, and freedom to work on projects that impact strategic initiatives. That’s no small challenge with the ever-present tasks of maintaining your existing enterprise system, but HPG is here to help.

With decades of EHR experience, our Consulting Experts will handle your maintenance tasks seamlessly. Support Services are a very cost-effective way to ensure the EHR improvements and outcomes you need while enabling your own team to complete strategic projects.

Why Choose HPG

Keep your team where they are most engaged and impactful, relieve the burden of backlogs, and deliver EHR improvement that enables everyone to perform at their best do it all affordably with HPG.

Specialized Expertise

With multidisciplinary clinical backgrounds and proficiency across all EHR solution areas, we understand the terminology and workflow of the lab and all clinical service lines. We bridge the clinical-IT divide, skillfully adapting application builds to fit clinician workflow, not the other way around.

Partners You Can Trust

With everything we do at HPG, your satisfaction – and your users’ satisfaction – is our top priority. We handle all application support tasks with care, thanks to our unwavering commitment to service excellence.