Training Domain Automation

Oracle Cerner users can revolutionize their training effectiveness – at a fraction of their current costs – with our automated training domain refresh solution.

Keeping a training database up to date with a production database is a constant challenge. Our innovative solution enables automatic updates of training systems to mimic the production environment. The results include:

  • Saving hundreds, if not thousands, of man-hours typically spent updating test data and user pathways
  • Creating a far more effective training experience
  • Eliminating trainee confusion caused by obsolete test data and out-of-date user pathways
  • Increasing software adoption and user acceptance
  • Setting a foundation for the future by enabling users to create new training domains with populated test data in less than 24 hours, for rapid returns on investment

Cost Savings

How much is training domain maintenance costing your business? Chances are, it’s a lot more than you think. Manually creating and refreshing a training domain requires hundreds of staff hours. Use our Training Domain Cost Calculator to see how our automated solution will decrease costs and enable you to deploy your valuable resources to more strategic projects.

Added Benefits

In addition to dramatically reducing the staff hours required for maintenance on your training environment, our automated refresh solution:

  • Ensures a consistent production quality training domain for staff training
  • Provides a clean sandbox for specialty projects
  • Includes optional performance assessments and reports to analyze training outcomes
  • Gives end users real-life experience