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Customer testimonials

“HPG builds a partnership with us – we’re not just clients and vendors. They have deep relationships with their customers and are highly accountable. They go the extra mile.”

“HPG is my go-to for Cerner consulting resources. They have an excellent reputation among hospitals using Cerner and are known for their high-quality builds and configurations.”

“I’m impressed by HPG’s expertise, sincerity, honesty, and Cerner experience. Retaining their consultants as employees provides a higher-quality individual that is part of the team and stays with the company. They have outstanding attention to detail and dedication.”

“HPG makes their customers feel essential – they are friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable.”

“I personally feel you won’t get better service or Cerner®-based resources than HPG. They are very communicative, informative, and have a robust screening for resources so you really get the best of the best candidates. I have found them to be very honest, flexible and very up front. I have never had concerns with the quality of the resources, nor the invoicing/time billed back to the organization.”

Average Cerner and clinical experience of an HPG consultant

Professional consulting hours provided to our customers

Long-term commitment to our customers and our associates

What’s new

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Emergent Lifesaving Orders Project

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare came to HPG for solution expertise at a critical time...

Consolidation of Multiple EMRs to Cerner Millennium

Kern Medical turned to HPG to provide solution experts to be side-by-side advocates from the initial design of Kern’s clinical and...

CHOC Location Hierarchy Project

CHOC Children’s Hospital is a teaching pediatric facility that has been a long-standing Cerner® footprint. Over 10 years, HPG has assisted CHOC in numerous engagements...

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Learn what a hospital can do prior to starting a PowerChart Oncology project that will make the project go smoother, implemented faster, and have better overall acceptance.

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