Foreign Systems Interface

What makes our Foreign Systems Interface (FSI) expertise so valuable? HPG customers say it’s our unrivaled understanding of where the data resides, how to extract it, and how to structure it for seamless processing.  Our Consulting Experts include highly skilled FSI consultants who think and see beyond specification documents to make expert design recommendations so that the final interface or data exchange meets your specific objectives. 

With extensive experience in Oracle Cerner’s integrated Open Engine solution and a wide range of other interface engines and applications, we work swiftly and effectively to implement FSIs, including custom interfaces, for:

  • Patient registration (ADT)
  • Inbound and outbound orders (including reference labs)
  • Inbound and outbound results (including reference labs)
  • Devices, smart pumps and lab instruments

Partnering for Success

HPG delivers service excellence that creates highly satisfied customers. Leveraging our decades of experience and our database of previous work, HPG can quickly complete the project and potentially save you thousands of dollars compared to other consulting firms. We’ll often serve as the technical contact for the coordination and implementation of any interface or data exchange between your EHR and other systems or regulatory agencies.