Our Culture

At HPG, we are proud to foster a culture based on open communication, trust and fairness while serving our team with a strong, sustaining business foundation.

HPG’s unique focus on culture strengthens our personal relationships, consulting expertise and commitment to our customers. We do this through our:

  • Annual in-person retreats
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Quarterly company updates
  • Reward-based compensation and recognition
  • Financial reinvestments into HPG infrastructure
  • Decades-long commitment to our Associates and our Customers

The HPG Culture may be difficult to define, but it is easy to see. Our family-like atmosphere creates a sense of belonging and connection across our organization that extends to our customers, partners and charitable events.

Our Diamond Legacy

The Diamond Award signifies years of service and customer dedication. It represents our people: highly valued and unique among peers with experience that is created over a long period of time. Financial and professional recognition of this achievement is another integral part of HPG’s culture.

Marketing Your Expertise

When you work at HPG, you are supported by our robust business development team. This team is focused on  finding your next engagement so you can focus on your customer. Since we solely work with customers that have chosen Cerner®, you can be confident that we are spending the time and effort to find a good fit for your experience. With agreements with over 50% of Cerner customers, we have the relationships and visibility to identify key opportunities across the country.

Team Collaboration

Our Consultants each join a team within a team – one that best aligns with their skills and fit. Our Team Leads are veteran Consultants who provide career development guidance and planning, ensuring that all team members stay current on the latest trends, issues and developments, and that everyone continues expanding their knowledge in their areas of interest.

Professional Development

From our annual skill-building retreat to year-round support for continuous education and certification, we are highly engaged with our Associates and deeply committed to ongoing professional and personal growth. Together as a team, we support one another by sharing insights and lessons learned across our entire network of professionals.

Comprehensive Onboarding

HPG is committed to preparing our Consultants for success from the very start. The onboarding process includes guidance and collaboration with senior-level Associates on orientation, professional profile development, preparation for new projects and customer engagements, ongoing marketing/advocacy efforts, and more. 

Exceeding Expectations

Hiring the right professionals and carefully matching Consultants with customer needs are key to exceeding expectations – one of many reasons we have so many satisfied customers and are always building new relationships from referrals. Again, it all comes down to our people and our shared commitment to excellence as individuals and as a team.

Team testimonials

“HPG shows it really cares about its people. Our retreats offer the experience of a new city every year, complete with networking, sight-seeing and even bringing our spouses along. It feels like such a gift that many companies just don’t offer.”

“We hire and retain exceptional consultants who are both high-tech and high-touch. They have diverse clinical backgrounds that connect with customers and demonstrate they have walked in their shoes. We ask ‘why’ questions and don’t just fix the issue at hand—we find the core issue and resolve it.”

“There’s a strong sense of family here, and the resources available to us are the best you can get. The result is a tremendous sense of confidence that you are in the right place.”

“Our customers know the value of HPG vs. other consulting firms. We do not approach EHR installations as ‘out of the box.’ We provide optimization and flexibility for each customer based on what they need, and we finish on time and on budget.”

“While our people are highly technical and seasoned experts, relationships are the priority. We have real conversations with our customers and are trusted by HPG leadership to support customers to the best of our abilities.”