Project Leadership

Implementation, integration and optimization projects that impact hundreds or even thousands of users, stakeholders and contributors are very complex. To successfully implement these projects, it’s imperative to have an experienced project leadership team with steady hands.

At HPG, we know strong project leaders drive planning and execution forward with proven methodologies for achieving the desired benefits. Our Project Managers are PMP-certified with a deep understanding of Cerner’s approach, organizational structure and methodologies. We integrate and adapt Cerner®’s approach into a comprehensive enterprise project plan targeted at achieving YOUR objectives. Our Project Managers lead the project to achieve YOUR desired outcomes.

Collaborative Governance

We firmly believe in the importance of governance committees and a highly strategic, collaborative approach that engages all areas of the organization. We also advocate for IT expertise and governance that guides all projects which support the overall health system’s business plan.

Organizational Change Management

For a project as far-reaching as a Cerner implementation, integration or optimization, it’s critical that the right processes for organizational change management are executed. Our extensive experience leading Cerner projects and our deep understanding of the robust capabilities of the Cerner software enables HPG to drive results that seamlessly bridge workflow gaps, minimize unnecessary change and meet the expectations of all stakeholders.