HPG Partners with MEDITECH to Revolutionize Healthcare Technology

SPRING HILL, Kan. (June 24, 2024) — HPG, a renowned leader in healthcare technology solutions, proudly announces its strategic alliance with MEDITECH, a global innovator in healthcare information technology. Effective June 1, 2024, HPG has been recognized as an Alliance Member for Consulting Services for MEDITECH’s cutting-edge EHR platform.

With over 22 years of industry experience, HPG has consistently driven strong performance and delivered sustainable results, establishing itself as an industry leader in maximizing technology investments. This new partnership with MEDITECH signifies a monumental step in revolutionizing healthcare technology and enhancing patient care worldwide.

MEDITECH’s EHR platform, Expanse, is renowned for its intelligent design, personalized workflows, and innovative AI applications, addressing the evolving needs of the healthcare workforce and the communities they serve. As an approved Alliance partner, HPG will provide comprehensive support to hospitals and health systems in optimizing their EHR technology, enhancing operational efficiency, and improving financial health.

“HPG is thrilled to join forces with MEDITECH,” said Andy Flynn, President & Co-CEO at HPG. “This strategic alliance allows us to leverage our unparalleled knowledge and expertise in healthcare technology to integrate and optimize technologies across the care continuum, ultimately driving better patient outcomes.”

As an approved consulting partner for MEDITECH, HPG will deliver comprehensive support to hospitals and health systems, optimizing their EHR technology, enhancing operational efficiency, and improving financial health. HPG’s consultants offer strategic support services to maximize healthcare IT and EHR platform capabilities, adapting to market challenges to ensure continuous customer improvement and satisfaction.

“We are happy to welcome HPG to the MEDITECH Alliance,” said MEDITECH Vice President Carol Labadini. “As a member of our Consulting Services Alliance, our mutual clients can be assured that they are working with a trusted partner that will empower their organization to maximize their Expanse platform.”

HPG and MEDITECH are committed to delivering superior performance, greater efficiencies, and enhanced patient safety to healthcare organizations worldwide. For more information about HPG’s partnership with MEDITECH and its comprehensive healthcare technology solutions, visit www.hpgresources.com 

About HPG

For hospitals and health systems with Oracle Cerner,  Epic, and MEDITECH enterprise technology, HPG offers unparalleled knowledge and expertise, connecting as partners to integrate and optimize technology across the care continuum. Collaborating with its customers, HPG delivers stronger performance, greater efficiency, improved financial health, enhanced patient safety, and better patient health outcomes. For more information, visit hpgresources.com. 


MEDITECH is a global leader in healthcare information technology, empowering healthcare organizations around the world with its innovative solutions. With a focus on personalized workflows, intuitive functionality, and interoperable systems, MEDITECH’s EHR  platform, Expanse, is revolutionizing healthcare delivery and driving better outcomes for patients.