Oracle Cerner Upgrade Services

Keeping patient care at its highest levels is no small task and a high-performing system is essential. Hospital IT leaders know better than anyone that code upgrades are an essential part of keeping up to date with the latest regulatory compliance, patient safety, and provider and patient satisfaction.

Implementing Oracle Cerner upgrades is critical for ensuring your EHR and its applications are up to date on bug/security fixes, new functionality and supported code levels. Upgrading without disruption or issues requires Oracle Cerner-specific expertise as well as a strategic, objective understanding of your system. As the nation’s leading Oracle Cerner consulting firm, HPG’s in-depth experience delivers smooth Oracle Cerner system and application upgrades, which in turn deliver strong system performance.

Client Success Story:

Kern Medical and HPG

HPG’s collaborative approach allows you to focus on what directly applies to your system. Our highly skilled teams work seamlessly with your healthcare organization to deliver impeccable test scripts designed to focus on key areas of integration to test the code on scenarios and functionality specific to your organization.

Our team will advise on best practices, how the new code level will change either build or workflows, and advise on any regulatory requirements and defects that might apply. We set up not just your current code upgrade but prepare for future ones. It’s our goal to help educate your team and ensure success.

Project Planning and Management

Whether your Oracle Cerner EHR upgrade implementation needs an experienced partner for project planning, project management or both, HPG is here for you. Our PMP-certified, Oracle Cerner-specialized project managers ensure a smart upgrade strategy and seamless execution across multiple teams, vendors and facilities.

Application Testing and Validation

Some Oracle Cerner upgrades change functionality and can lead to “break” points in compatibility, causing disruption and negatively affecting user perceptions if not addressed before go-live. From domain setup and validation to integration testing, regression testing and many layers in between, our comprehensive testing and validation services ensure the build meets user expectations and your upgrade will be a success.

Resource Staffing

With HPG, you have a partner that skillfully adapts to your healthcare organization’s processes, supports your priorities and strengthens your HIT team. From helping with Oracle Cerner upgrade tasks to covering system and application maintenance activities, we provide the staffing resources you need, remotely or onsite with your team.