Success Story: Middlesex Hospital, Middletown, CT

Partnering for Successful EHR Platform Transition

Client ChallengeAs Middlesex Hospital prepared to transition its EHR, the scope of this project involved the need for the hospital IT department to learn and design the new EPIC system while still meeting their standard of excellent customer satisfaction with the existing EHR.

HPG Solution: HPG presented to the leadership team a customer-centric partnership plan that allowed Middlesex to lean on HPG for continued service and full operations with Cerner solutions, while the Middlesex team focused on the future. HPG’s approach to high and low cost estimates, along with the success demonstrated with other customers, showed full awareness of variables at play and that HPG intended to work as a partner rather than just a vendor. HPG presented a budget but also showed opportunities to come in below that budget – which is exactly what happened.

Project Timeline: 14 months

HPG Supporting Services: Application Services, Support Center, Project Management

ResultsMiddlesex benefited from the ability to transition to EPIC while trusting that their current system was being fully supported by a knowledgeable team:

  • HPG provided expertise on clinician workflows and offered feedback regarding functionality and best practices. This enabled Middlesex to make decisions regarding the need for changes or enhancements to existing functionality.
  • HPG resolved technical issues regarding interfaces, ancillary systems, servers, and non-Cerner-related system issues.
  • HPG developed and provided queries/usage reports of the current state build within Cerner so this build could be replicated more efficiently within EPIC. The data was provided across the board but was particularly helpful in the areas of Pharmacy and Laboratory.
  • The ability of HPG to provide day-to-day maintenance and after-hours on-call support freed up the Middlesex legacy IT analysts to confidently move forward with the design and build of their EPIC system, knowing that HPG would provide their end-users with their standard high level of promptness regarding issues logged and customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: At HPG, our expertise goes far beyond EHR implementation. By connecting as a partner for our clients and working as an extension of their team, we provide the highest levels of support, agility, and strategic guidance available. Our expert consultants are ready to assist with similar projects in the future.