Success Story: Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services, Inc.

Support across numerous service lines for Cerner rollout

Client Challenge:

Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services, Inc. (RMCHCS) was seeking IT consulting services to support the transition and implementation of Cerner CommunityWorks across several teams to increase usability during rollout. RMCHCS also required support with its End-user training, Laboratory, Revenue Cycle, Surgery and Physician Documentation teams leading up to, during and after go-live.

HPG Solution:

HPG engaged resources across multiple service lines including Lab, Revenue Cycle, Surgery, Ambulatory, and Physician Documentation to assist with increasing usability and rollout of the Cerner CommunityWorks environment. HPG provided onsite resources for integration testing events, as well as onsite and virtual support during go-live.

In offering the highest levels of support, our expert consultants met and exceeded the challenges of ensuring a successful EHR implementation across the entire organization. The RMCHCS transition is an excellent example of HPG’s ability to provide the strategic guidance necessary to assist with the implementation and support process from start to finish.

Project Timeline: 6 months

HPG Supporting Services: Application Services, Support Center


HPG provided the following during the rollout:

    • Technical support and consultation for the implementation of Laboratory, Revenue Cycle, Surgery, Ambulatory and Physician Documentation
    • Support for End-user Training using Cerner’s Learning Portal/Learning Journeys and scheduling of Training Rooms
    • Onsite support for the RMCHCS integration testing events
    • Onsite and virtual support for users during the go-live event to ensure a successful transition to the new EHR
    • Post go-live support as needed

Client testimonial

“HPG worked with RMCHCS’s IT staff and Cerner’s CommunityWorks implementation teams to increase system usability and ensure post go-live success. I truly appreciate HPG’s efforts on making it work.”

Conclusion: HPG supported RMCHCS as a client partner to complete the complicated EHR implementation process.  By providing the highest levels of support, our expert team of consultants was ready for the challenge. HPG experts are able to provide the strategic guidance necessary for the implementation and support of a successful project.