Success Story: Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Emergent Lifesaving Orders Project

Client ChallengeTallahassee Memorial was implementing a new process for emergent lifesaving orders for a specific type of external heart and lung support. In the middle of this development, a patient was admitted who needed the very rare and novel device. Although the procedure was completed, the process to care for the patient and fulfill documentation did not exist yet

HPG Solution: Tallahassee Memorial turned to HPG to provide solution expertise. Our team of four experts immediately began to develop and build functional, high-quality orders within a well-structured, organized plan.  

Project Timeline: HPG provided resources to Tallahassee Memorial for eight years.

HPG Supporting Services: Application Services, Support Center


  • The HPG team of experts came together immediately to develop a successful plan in one day for the documentation of this rare and novel process.
  • The team facilitated the creation of multiple new pharmacy, lab and patient care orders, including cerebral oximetry, TEG baseline with and without heparinase, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), and more.
  • A new extracorporeal life-support blood transfusion protocol was included for patient documentation.
  • A new heparin dosing nomogram to follow based on the procedure requirements was developed and approved to be included in the rollout of the powerplan to lower the patient risk.
  • A new powerplan with 114 orders was created to support the procedure during the care plan. This powerplan led to a decrease in patient risk and patient care errors as the procedure was completed.

Client testimonial

“I cannot overestimate the importance we give to decreasing patient care errors and risk. The HPG team’s work was invaluable to this process, and we are deeply grateful.”

Conclusion: At HPG, our expertise goes far beyond EHR implementation. By connecting as a partner for our clients and working as an extension of their team, we provide the highest levels of support, agility and strategic guidance available. Our expert consultants are ready to assist with similar projects in the future.