HPG Adds Epic Consulting Services to Meet Demand


Healthcare Performance Group, Inc., recently announced the launch of its Epic Consulting service line, to meet the needs of a growing number of healthcare organizations transitioning to or implementing Epic technology.

Founded in 2002, HPG has traditionally focused on facilitating Millennium EHR implementations with Cerner® experts, and has been a leader in Cerner consulting for decades. Recently, more and more healthcare organizations are updating and modernizing their EHRs to conform to new regulatory and standardization norms. We have seen a shift in the market and heard from current customers expressing interest in receiving additional support with their Epic EHR solution.

Evolving healthcare systems require EHR IT assistance with multiple vendor applications, including Epic, due to mergers and acquisitions or a changing EHR strategy. Epic has grown in market share and now has 250 million patient records and added 55 hospitals in 2019. With the goal of providing the highest-quality consultants and meaningful partnerships, HPG plans to grow its Epic Consulting service line organically by attracting the industry’s best consultants.

Our customer-centric approach has always led us to expand our advisory services, assessment services, training domain solutions and support services to meet our customers’ needs. As we shift from a vendor-exclusive to a vendor-inclusive strategy, we welcome the opportunity to continue to deliver stronger performance, create greater efficiency, improve financial health, and enhance safety and better health outcomes for patients.

To learn more about our Epic Consulting services, contact 888.681.9501.