Webinar: HPG’s CCL Framework: The Solution for Optimized Data Extraction

Tap into the value of your available data within your Cerner® system.

  • EHRs have the ability to document most clinical data. Cerner has integrated EHR clinical applications data with financial data through Revenue Cycle. That data is extremely valuable when viewed in the proper format. Increasing financial pressure has resulted in the need for hospital IT departments to analyze and distribute that data in a meaningful way — but efficient data extraction requires specialized skills often not found within a health system’s IT team.
  • For large EHR data extracts, it is becoming more critical to connect the EHR to software companies that specialize in data analytics. Through HPG Support Services, you can retrieve the data you need in an optimized fashion with a customizable CCL Framework, offering the ability to respond appropriately to various-sized data sets without affecting other programs or operations jobs.
  • Whether you are connecting to another system or you need data delivered as meaningful reports and dashboards, HPG’s framework and unmatched expertise allow us to be highly efficient and successful for the results you need.