Our People

Our Associates are the foundation of our success. At HPG, we attract and retain professionals who share our passion for improving healthcare through the use of state-of-the-art technology and services. We invest in our people, providing comprehensive benefit and career development programs to support their careers. With extensive experience across many specialties and settings – technical, clinical, project management, leadership, informatics and more – our Associates deliver the comprehensive, can-do expertise you need in a Cerner® HIT partner.

We make an immediate impact and produce long-term results. By connecting as your partner and working as an extension of your team, we provide the highest levels of knowledge transfer, agility and strategic guidance available.

We specialize in Cerner technology solutions but are not sponsored by or affiliated with Cerner Corporation. We work for you, and our independence enables us to focus on your objectives first and foremost. We are experts at tailoring plans and builds to meet your specifications, detecting potential conflicts and providing proactive solutions to ensure you receive the results you expect from your Cerner technology.

Average years of Cerner and clinical experience for an HPG consultant

Professional consulting hours provided to our customers

Long-term commitment to our customers and our associates

Team testimonials

“HPG shows it really cares about its people. Our retreats offer the experience of a new city every year, complete with networking, sight-seeing and even bringing our spouses along. It feels like such a gift that many companies just don’t offer.”

“We hire and retain exceptional consultants who are both high-tech and high-touch. They have diverse clinical backgrounds that connect with customers and demonstrate they have walked in their shoes. We ask ‘why’ questions and don’t just fix the issue at hand—we find the core issue and resolve it.”

“There’s a strong sense of family here, and the resources available to us are the best you can get. The result is a tremendous sense of confidence that you are in the right place.”

“Our customers know the value of HPG vs. other consulting firms. We do not approach EHR installations as ‘out of the box.’ We provide optimization and flexibility for each customer based on what they need, and we finish on time and on budget.”

“While our people are highly technical and seasoned experts, relationships are the priority. We have real conversations with our customers and are trusted by HPG leadership to support customers to the best of our abilities.”