HPG Support Center Team

HPG has designed our Support Center Services around HPG’s core strengths of:

  • Deep Millennium expertise
  • Broad knowledge across all Millennium applications
  • A Hands-On attitude regarding all design, build & testing activities

As a result, support issues are promptly addressed by a highly experienced “frontline team” of Millennium experts who can quickly recognize the support issue and begin resolving it immediately.  Additionally, our experts mentor customer’s staff regarding the resolution to the issue.

The HPG Support Center team’s operations centers are located in Springfield, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri where a team of Millennium experts are stationed around your regular business hours of operation to provide timely resolution to issues.

  • This centralized approach provides for a highly focused and timely collaboration within the HPG Support Center Team.
  • The team is augmented as well by our team of on-site expert Millennium consultants based on the specialty, duration of task and availability of the resources.