Leadership Team

Serving our Customers and Associates.


Matt Terstriep

Chief Executive Officer


(913) 485-8774

Matt is the Founder of HPG®. He is the driver of our culture, vision, and purpose. Through his continuous focus on delivering “hands-on results” HPG has gained a reputation as an outstanding employer to our Associates and partner to the healthcare organizations we serve.

Matt has more than thirty years of “hands-on experience” in the HIS industry and is an active participant in HIMSS. He has built, delivered, managed, and led throughout his career, including experience at 
SMS (Siemens), Continental Healthcare Systems (Mediware), PACE Systems (3M), and First Choice Consulting (Park City Solutions).


Chad Terstriep


(701) 232-4192

Chad is responsible for the daily operations of HPG to ensure consistent high-quality service to our Customers and Associates. He is the "Heart" of HPG and is trusted with preserving and growing our strong culture.

Chad has been “hands-on” in healthcare for more than 14 years and possesses a solid understanding of healthcare IT and its demands. He has direct experience with leadership, recruitment, employee retention and business development and has gained valuable experience not only at HPG but also at AIM Healthcare Services.


Randy Bullinger, CPA, MBA

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

(316) 796-0337

Randy is responsible for the financial wellbeing of HPG. He does a great job taking care of our Associates, Customers and Suppliers. In addition, Randy oversees our recruiting/credentialing process for new Associates, benefits programs, and the on-going review and retention processes for the company.

Randy has been “hands-on” in healthcare or related fields for over 20 years. He has gained valuable experience at Healthcare Data Systems, Via Christi Health System, and First Choice Consulting (Park City Solutions).


Andy Flynn, MT, ASCP

Vice President, Millennium Consulting Services


(417) 425-9552

Andy is responsible for the quality and delivery of our services; “the brains of the outfit”.
 Andy has been “hands-on” in healthcare for over 20 years (literally, Andy started his career as a Medical Technologist). He is deep and broad in his experience with expertise in “all the Nets”. Andy’s experience comes from the viewpoint of a provider, delivering and working in a wide range of enterprise deployments, including experience at Cox Health System (Springfield, MO), Baxter Regional Hospital (Harrison, AR), Upper Valley Medical Center (Troy, OH), Union Town Hospital (Union Town, PA), Somerset Medical Center (Somerville, NJ.), University of Alabama Medical Center (Birmingham, AL) and Cerner® Corporation (Kansas City, MO).


Nancy Ward

Vice President, Business Development


(225) 354-5635

Nancy is responsible for seeing that our Associates are always fully engaged, and our Customers get the right resources, at the right time and for finding and developing the talented Associates that make up HPG.

Nancy has been “hands-on” in healthcare for over 25 years. She is an expert in the Provider market, HIT and is an exceptional leader. Her foundational work experience includes Vitera Healthcare, formerly Sage Healthcare, and Clinical Coordinator at Ochsner Medical Center.


Tammy Brown

Marketing Director


(502) 494-5052

Tammy is responsible for telling the world about our wonderful Associates and Customers; she has an easy job. She is also responsible for the development and delivery of our enabling technologies; not so easy, but she gets a lot of talented help.

Tammy has been “hands-on” in marketing and technology for more than 25 years. She has wide and deep experience in marketing, website development, technology development/ management, and strategy, including experience at corecubed and TCI Roof Management.


Yvan Cuevas

Resource Development Director


(816) 210-1113

Yvan is responsible for helping us find “New Family Members” and establishing, building and nurturing their careers at HPG.

Yvan has 13 years of combined experience in EMR implementation, sales, business development, marketing, recruiting and consulting. He has been a key contributor to HPG’s Business Development Team since 2006 and he is a Double Diamond Award winner… Ask him about it!


Darla Hughes

Director of Finance


(316) 201-4808

Darla is responsible for the “hands-on” financial wellbeing of HPG. She does a great job taking care of our Associates, Customers and Suppliers. 

Darla has been “delivering results” in finance for over 30 years. She has gained valuable experience at KANSEL, PCS IT Services Group, Inc., and the Wichita Eagle.


John Pearson

Application Services Director


(630) 446-0529

John is responsible for the development of our Application Services and Project Management service lines. He leads our excellent team of Consultants as they deliver for our clients and is responsible for their professional development. In over 15 years of “hands-on” Cerner Millennium experience, he has become an expert in HIT and serving his clients needs.


Matt Sullivan

Human Resources Director


(913) 890-3484

Matt is responsible for our Human Resource needs to ensure HPG remains a compelling place to work. Matt joined HPG in 2012 and brings over 10 years of experience gained at Cardinal Health, Anthony j. Rucci and Associates Consulting, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, The Ohio State University, Veteran’s Administration and numerous volunteer projects.


Scott Terstriep

Business Development Director


(913) 461-6327

Scott is responsible for developing and growing new Customer relationships at HPG.  He has been engaged in Healthcare for 15+ years, 12 of those years in the Healthcare IT industry working at HPG developing a thorough knowledge of Cerner Millennium®.  Scott travels and meets new Customers to learn how HPG can best develop strong, long-term relationships for each healthcare system nationwide.



Joe Vanderbeek

Support Center 

(816) 878-2084

Joe is responsible for the professional development of our Consultants and the quality delivery of our Support Center Services to our Customers. He leads our talented team of Support Center Consultants that deliver the “details that make the difference” for our Customers. 

He has over 20 years of “hands-on” experience in HIT and as an expert in Millennium. His foundational work experience includes Cerner Corporation and almost every Customer at HPG.