Exclusive Millennium Focus

We are dedicated to solely focusing on Health Systems that have chosen Cerner Millennium®. You might ask, why would we restrict the company to one HIS system when there are so many out there, and all the other consulting companies seem to go after everything that moves?

The answer lies in the strategic planning of the company as we answered the strategic question of do we want to be “Good” at what we do or “Great” at what we do? Our answer was that we wanted to be Great…to do that we answered three key questions that guide our decision making and direction:

What are we deeply passionate about?

  • We are committed to the Healthcare mission and to supporting those who provide care. Health affects us all, and the HIT system serves as a critical tool to the providers responsible for caring for our families and ourselves. We combine that passion for Health with a love of technology and the challenge associated with the use of it by providers.

What can we be the best in the world at?

  • The key to being the best is selecting an area of focus and sticking to it. We have chosen to focus on Health Systems that have selected Cerner Millennium®. By selecting a single HIS to focus on, we get many inherent benefits: A clearly defined market … for Customers … for Associates. This allows us to build an organization that is dedicated to the specific needs of its Customers and Associates, making HPG the clear company of choice.

What drives our economic engine?

  • The key to our success is our Associates. It starts with the selection of the right people and then providing those Associates with the foundation in which to thrive in their career. Our key financial measure is that all of our Associates are actively engaged in customer projects, all the time…in the productive service of our Customers.