About Us

Since 2002, we have been proving ourselves with one Associate and one Customer at a time. It is that personal focus that sustains our success. We apply practical, hands-on services that focus on identifying root causes and implementing corrective measures. We focus on the desired results first; then the processes, the tools and the resources needed to achieve the results.  

Our goal is to be the very best at what we do and that starts with selecting and retaining the right Associates and ends with our Customers' success. We measure our success based on our Customers' success … if you are successful then we have accomplished our goals as a company.

HPG Mission:

  • To provide hands-on, HIT consulting services to effectively implement and support Millennium technology; thereby enabling our customers to achieve their objectives of providing the best possible patient care every day.
  • To serve our associates with a strong, sustaining business foundation so that they can grow and expand their careers for decades into the future.

HPG Vision:

  • To be broadly recognized by our Customers, Associates and Partners as the premier provider of Millennium HIT services.

HPG Values & Culture:

  • We value quality service for customers and quality careers for our associates as the fundamental drivers of our success.
  • Our culture is based on the values of open communication, trust and fairness.
  • Excellence in everything we do is our expected standard, always focused on being “Hands On” and demonstrating a strong work ethic
  • We are a privately held, family-oriented company where our Associates and Customers are all considered family.