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Who is HPG?

We are a team of expert healthcare consultants focused exclusively on the needs of Health Systems that have chosen Cerner Millennium®.

Since 2002, we have been proving ourselves with one Customer and one Associate at a time. It is that personal focus that keeps us successful. Our Associates are considered the “Dream Team” of Millennium consultants which leads to consistent, high customer demand.

The centers of our world are our “Customers” and our “Associates” … we have no outside investment and the company is financially independent, so we are accountable only to our Customers and Associates.

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Why select HPG as a Partner?

  • Exclusive Millennium Focus
  • Customers Come First
  • Operational Expertise
  • Track Record of Success
  • Focus on Business Outcomes
  • Practical, “Hands-On” Approach
  • We Listen, We Act, We Get Results
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What Services Does HPG Provide?

HPG delivers Application Services, PRN® Services and Project Advisory Services that insure our Customers get the results they expect from their Cerner Millennium® Applications. In order to implement the types of process enhancements needed to achieve improved clinical and operational efficiencies, HPG provides individual consultants or consulting teams which are highly technically skilled, rich in domain experience - and focused on the attainment of our Customers’ goals.

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